Cover Letter

I’ve spent 10 years developing the skills to increase velocity, reliability, and quality for my employers and clients. These skills enable me to turn business requirements into production software, lead teams, and work efficiently across the SDLC and stack.

“You build it, you run it” is my mantra. Expertise in Ruby and JavaScript allows me to build web applications or backend services. Expertise with AWS, Bash, Docker, Kubernetes, and roll your own VMs allows me to create automated deployment pipelines to get software in production. Finally, applying DevOps and site reliability engineering practice ensure the entire process runs smoothly. I thrive in this feedback loop.

I’ve shared knowledge about this feedback loop throughout my career. I’ve trained team members to follow the mantra through DevOps and site reliability engineering practices. I’ve written numerous continuous delivery tutorials, produced long form video course, and an entire email course on DevOps. In my view, one doesn’t fully comprehend a subject unless they can explain it to someone else. Writing and teaching solidified my own understanding and, more importantly, spread the knowledge and skills to others.

The industry labels my skills as “Full Stack Development”, “Backend Engineer”, “DevOps Engineer”, or “Site Reliability Engineer”. I don’t pigeon hole myself because I’m a mix. My skills allow me to pull the levers that generate the best business results if that means building a SPA, deploying a micro service, removing toil, or automating deploys. That’s just all in a day’s work to me.

I’m searching for a remote and distributed (there’s a difference) team because those teams tend to favor results over process. I’m confident I can drive business results and delight your customers with quality and reliable production software.


Adam Hawkins

Velocity, Reliability, Quality focused Software Professional

Honolulu, HI | +1 808 278 7042 -

Senior software professional who shipped new products, rescued production from 3AM outages, and taught others to do the same. 10 years of full-cycle experience backed by DevOps and SRE practices.


Staff Site Reliability Engineer (2019 - Now), Remote

  • Built company wide continuous delivery infrastructure
  • Promoted first-class software delivery practices
  • Production on-call
  • Managed AWS/Docker/Kubernetes infrastructure with Terraform
  • Automated developer environment and setup with Ansible

Consultant and Technical Writer (2016 - 2019)

Self-Employed, Remote

  • Launched my own SaaS products
  • Developed and deployed products for clients
  • Wrote technical blog posts, documentation, email courses, and whitepapers
  • Produced Docker/Kubernetes/AWS/serverless educational video courses

SRE Team Lead (2016 - 2018)

Saltside, Pvt Ltd., Bangalore, IN

  • Bootstrapped a new 20 engineer PDC
  • Trained junior to mid level engineers to build and deploy their own services
  • Managed production operations for internal and user facing services
  • Lead cross-functional post-mortems
  • Increased engineering autonomy through SRE and DevOps workshops
  • Automated topic-branch deployments and per-engineer sandboxes
  • Reduced AWS spend by 25% through infrastructure optimizations
  • Migrated production and pre-production environments to Kubernetes

Platform Team Lead (2014 - 2016)

Saltside, AB, Gothenburg, SE

  • Shipped first revenue generating service
  • Introduced TDD to the development team
  • Responded to pages for internal and user-facing services
  • Lead ground up-rewrite from a monolithic architecture to service oriented architecture
  • Increased reliability with a multi-tenant container architecture
  • Designed public, private APIs, and cloud infrastructure topology
  • Interviewed and training new team members

Lead Developer (2011 - 2014)

RadiumCRM, OY, Remote

  • Added automated test coverage to the existing Rails application
  • Responded to production for user-facing services
  • Participated in product roadmap and customer pitch meetings
  • Integrated other B2B services
  • Released mobile application API
  • Interviewed new hires
  • Built second generation product as a SPA with Ruby & Emberjs

Rails Developer (2007 - 2009)

LARPD, Livermore, CA

  • Replaced existing manual paper work schedule system with a Rails application
  • Deployed application to Heroku
  • Trained employees to use new system


Refer to my archive for a complete list of tutorials, video courses, webinars, conference talks, and other projects.

  • Small Batches - 2020 -

    Podcast written and produced by myself on software delivery. Topics relate to the interaction of software engineering and business.
  • Billen - 2019 -

    SaaS product to fill the gap between Stripe and what businesses need. Rails & Heroku.

    Project offline.
  • DevOps Course - 2019 -

    An 8 part email course that covers DevOps principles and practices along with practical implementation advice.
  • TeamCI - 2018 -

    SaaS product that applies a single linting standard to all team repos. Leverages GitHub, Buildkite, Heroku, Rails, Docker, and a ton of bash.

    Project offline.
  • Joy of Design - 2014 -

    A small book summarizing my take on software architecture with Ruby examples. One of my favorite works and still accurate to this day.

    Project offline.
  • Rails Caching Guide - 2012 -

    Originally the “Advanced Rails Caching” blog post. I broke it out into an organized series and covered more topics (such as HTTP caching).

    Project offline.


  • Languages: Ruby, JavaScript, Node.js, TypeScript, Bash, HTML, CSS/SCSS/LESS
  • Tools & Technologies: Packer, Vagrant, Ansible, Puppet, CloudFormation, AWS, GCP, Azure, Docker, Docker Compose, Kubernetes, Helm, Kops, Emberjs, Rails, Fluentd, statsd
  • Datastores: MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, ElasticSearch, Redis, Memcached, DynamoDB
  • Practices: TDD, continuous integration, continuous delivery, continuous deployment, monolithic architecture, service oriented architecture, microservice archiecture, configure management, infrastructure-as-code, deployment pipelines, DevOps, site reliability engineering, continuous improvement, pair programming, outage resolution


I’m originally from the United States. I moved abroad in 2011 for work and travel. I have lived in Finland, Germany, Sweden, and India before returning to the United States in 2019. I live with my wife in Hawaii. Hobbies include travel, reading, trance, hiking, and surfing. MacOS, vim, a terminal, and DT770’s is my preferred dev setup.